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To step out of your comfort zone is difficult. In fact, it can be absolutely scary at times. But what does it mean to actually be in your comfort zone? It means, that you are at ease. You don’t have to exert energy or put effort into your actions because it is the normal state of things.

What matters is that you don’t let your fear stop you. In the face of fear, you must continue to act.. The more you act, the less power fear has over your life. If you sit down and do nothing, then it is much easier for fear to have its way. It is precisely this lack of action that creates problems in life.

What are you afraid of? What is it about stepping out of your comfort zone that makes you so nervous? 

That is what distinguishes winners from losers. Stepping outside of your comfort zone simply means trying new things and learning new things.

If you feel that you are stuck in a rut, then it is probably because you have stopped doing new or interesting things. Life can be monotonous if you sit still.

So make an effort to do something new and different every day. If fear stops you from taking action, remember fear is nothing more than a feeling.  You can rise above feelings and do something anyway.

But what if nothing goes as we plan? What if it backfires and we look like an idiot in the process? That isn’t stopping us at all, is it?

Don’t worry about failure or success; those are both delusions. Just do your best and let the rest follow.

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